KOLOWA~月蝕 hoshifuneの影絵とコラボレーション

hoshifune Star Travel✈︎ へようこそ。

(English below)

hoshifuneStarTravelでは、 物語、音楽、イマジネーションで皆様を世界の旅へとご案内いたします。 初フライトは、アフリカ、ケニアです。



副機長には、新進気鋭のドキュメンタリー作家であり、アニメーション作家のKira Daneさんをお迎えいたしました。





Welcome to hoshifune Star Travel. We at hoshifune Star Travel offer tours around the world through stories, music, and the imagination.

The destination for this - our inaugural flight - is Kenya. Serving as your captain and guide is Masaya Onishi, musician and student of the traditions of the Duruma people, with a musical accompaniment entitled "Kolowa - Lunar Eclipse -", a composition by Onishi inspired by a traditional lunar eclipse festival practiced in a village in Kenya. Serving as copilot is animator and up-and-coming documentary cinematographer Kira Dane.

Please look forward to the full flight, which will include the story behind the music, scheduled for departure on the night of the full moon in May 2021.

Enjoy this journey of the imagination. Have a good trip! hoshifune StarTravel ⭐︎✈︎⭐︎ Destination Kenya